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Esme - "It's a life of existence now" - Long Covid Kids Real Life Stories

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“It’s a life of existence now.”

That’s been the day-to-day ever since Esme contracted COVID in March 2020, back when testing wasn’t readily available.

But despite being unwell with chronic headaches and fatigue for two months, Esme’s paediatrician was unwilling to refer her to the relevant clinics or departments.

“Although her symptoms weren’t normal, the results kept coming back ‘borderline’ and ‘nothing too concerning’ - so no action was taken,”

says Esme’s mum.

That was until Esme suddenly fainted one day from chest pains and shortness of breath. In and out of the hospital for the rest of the year, Esme’s health didn’t start to improve until November 2021.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of her story.

After returning to school that November, just when things were looking up, Esme collapsed once again. She hasn't walked since.

Now bedbound, having multiple seizures per day, Esme is also suffering from impaired sight and hearing.

“If you looked at my daughter’s case on a computer, you’d see all the right people and things are in place - yet nothing has been acted on. All the while she lies in her bed deteriorating, losing her senses as the weeks go by,”

says Esme’s mum.

The family believes part of the problem is a lack of awareness from living in a small town. That and the fact that services are gradually being withdrawn due to a lack of funding and resources.

“Whatever it is, she is the forgotten child now. No school, no friends, no life outside,”

says Mum.

For Esme, life used to be filled with music, books, and quality time with her family. Today, she can’t sit at the table for dinner or on the sofa to watch a film.

So what’s the family working towards?

Her Mum says;

“For Esme to be able to laugh, sing and dance with her sister,” “Just to see, hear and walk again without any pain.”

That is why Long Covid Kids is committed to supporting research and creating resources like the LCK Educational Toolkit, and with your help, we can continue our work. Please consider donating today and help us be there for every family who needs us.


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Long Covid Kids supports children and young people living with Long Covid and related illnesses, as well as the families and caregivers who look after them. We rely entirely on donations to fund our vital work. And this is why we need your help to continue helping children like Esme who are struggling with Long Covid.

Please donate today to give children with Long Covid a brighter future.

£20 could help us continue championing the rights of children like Esme whose lives have been turned upside down by Long Covid.

£10 could help us run weekly support sessions for children like Esme who are immensely isolated by their illness.

£5 could help us moderate chat forums for young people like Esme desperate to connect with others in the same situation.

Your gift can make a meaningful difference in the lives of these brave young people. Thank you for your support.

If you are a young person who has been affected by the ongoing symptoms of COVID, support is available, with or without a diagnosis. More info here.

If you, or someone you know has had a change in their health following a COVID infection reliable support and information can be found here:

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