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Child COVID-19 Cases, Long Covid, Hospital Admissions & Deaths 16th January 2022

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

  • UK Government Dashboard

  • UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA)

  • Office for National Statistics (ONS)

From as early as January 2020 the UK was reassured that children didn't catch Covid-19, they didn't appear to transmit it and they certainly didn't get sick or die. This false narrative is now embedded into the heart of communities, research has been slow and this myth continues along with handwashing being best defense.

Since early on in 2020 Long Covid Kids founders have been removing adult data to analyze the affect of the pandemic on and between children. The fallacy of relative privation asserts that if something is worse than the problem currently being discussed, then the problem being discussed isn't really of importance at all. Comparing adult with child data has led to exactly this and the harm caused to children from Covid-19 infection has been largely brushed aside - reference to it usually branded 'scaremongering'.

Almost two years on we are now a charity and continue to focus on the health and wellbeing of children affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. By removing over 18's data from that provided by the Government Dashboard, The UK Health Security Agency and The Office for National Statistics we ensure that see child specific official statistics and graphs. Our charity goes one step further and looks at Covid-19 vaccine data for children as well as flu and RSV rates too. These will be added to our website soon.

Under 18's Covid-19 infections continue to rise

No incidental hospital admission % for UK yet

No hospital discharge outcome data available

Asthma classed as pre-existing condition

Infections in school aged children

  • Under 18's Covid-19 infections continue to rise

  • Case numbers do not include children who have been re-infected (Except Wales). UKHSA is working on including reinfections by the end of January 2022.

  • Quote from Chair of British Paediatric Surveillance Unit, January 14th 2022. "With high heterogeneity (99%) children can transmit #SARSCoV2 just like adults"

  • Cases are higher and rose faster in households with children REACT1 Data 4th November 21

Child Covid-19 Hospital Admissions

Excludes RSV which uses a separate test

"NHS England conducted a very rapid evaluation of around

50 admissions of babies with Omicron across around 33 hospitals. For context we are currently hospitalising 500+ under 5's

per week with Covid"

James Neill, LCK Data Analyst

  • Official data shows that child Covid-19 hospital admissions are higher than RSV

  • 60% of child admissions list Covid-19 as the primary reason (New York State analysis of Omicron, January 2022). No figure for UK as yet

  • There is more than double the rate of child Covid-19 hospital admissions than in former waves

  • 1574 Child Covid-19 hospital admissions January to date so far

  • 6.0% of all Covid-19 hospital admissions are children

  • There is no official information available regarding the discharge outcomes for these children. How many go on to receive care under a GP or paediatrician? For how long?

  • Government research shows that 80% of Alpha to Delta admissions are directly due to Covid-19 and 60% of those have no underlaying conditions

Underlaying Conditions

  • 1.1 million children are asthmatic

  • 41 000 children are diabetic

  • 700 000 have autism

  • 20% of children have eczema @TigressEllie

Paediatric Inflammatory Multisystem Syndrome

  • These hospital admissions are IN ADDITION to COVID-19 admissions

  • These children are usually admitted after the 14-day testing cut-off

  • There were 720 PIMs admissions to the end of February 2021

Almost half of children in hospital, and a third with the late severe complication of PIMS-TS, had no underlaying health conditions

A quarter of children hospitalised for COVID-19 experience persistent symptoms on average 8.5 months after hospitalisation

Paediatric Deaths

Click image to read article regarding the misinformation reported in the Smith et al Nature Medicine paper on child deaths in England up to February 2021. Findings from this paper have been widely reported in mainstream media which have stated "only 6 healthy children" have died from Covid-19. This is not true, as evidenced.

Using population rates is misleading.

Led by Tom Lawton with input from three of our own Long Covid Kids supporters and experts, Dr Deepti Gurdasani, Dr Stephen Griffin and LCK Data Analyst, James Neill.

  • 44% increase in paediatic deaths since "Freedom Day' (31 July to 29 Dec 2020)

  • 133 UK paediatric COVID-19 deaths (UKHSA)

  • 1 in 23 deaths of 5-19 year olds involved Covid-19 (ONS)

  • Covid-19 is a top 5 cause of death for 5-19 year olds in 2021 (ONS)

  • 88% of the child deaths in wave 3 had CV19 as the underlaying cause of death, (not due to pre-existing conditions. ONS)

Vaccines Work

Long Covid in Children

In the UK we do not yet count Long Covid. We therefore, rely on estimates from research and lived experience. Different studies have different estimates due to use of different symptoms, number of symptoms, symptom durations, case ascertainments, population representativeness, and definitions of relapsing and remitting symptoms. Some studies have a control group and others do not. There is now a World Health Organisation agreed definition for Long Covid in adults. Long Covid Kids are participating in the process for a definition for children as part of the CLOCK study.

Long Covid Kids Champion, Dr Nisreen Alwan

"I challenge those who rubbish self-reporting of Long Covid. I say, there's no better way

in the absence of a valid and reliable biomarker or specific imaging finding.

As a general rule, believe what people tell you

about the difference in their own bodies before and after infection"

Sadly mainstream media have long minimised Long Covid and usually choose the lowest prevalence figure published despite experts raising concern about the methodology gaps used in the research.

A small percentage of a large number should raise concerns amongst all. Children are not supposed to become ill and die.

United States of America

“One year after becoming ill w/ the coronavirus, nearly half of patients in a large study were still experiencing at least one lingering health symptom”

The CDC stated nearly half of infected children were experiencing Long Covid, and early research stated 43%.

Latest Long Covid Figures

Age 2 - 11 yrs** Age 12 - 16 yrs**

4+ weeks 117, 000 children 1 in 185* 1 in 54*

12 weeks 49 000 children 1 in 470* 1 in 122*

12+ months 20 000 children 1 in 800* 1 in 380*

* Approximates

** Includes all children of these ages, not just those infected

1 in 7 children (14%) infected with COVID-19 suffer Long Covid


Long Covid in Teaching & Education Staff (ONS)

Education is now the second worst employment sector for suffering Long Covid after social care.

Monthly Child Covid Summary

Month Cases Admissions Deaths Long Covid

0-19 yrs 0-17 yrs 0-19 yrs 28-day

July 271,344 1,153 5 34,000

August 203,122 1,229 7 38,000

September 328,697 1,078 10 53,000

October 442,841 1,228 12 69,000

November 372,589 1,087 6 77,000

December 548,289 1,969 TBC 114, 000


UK Dashboard

Next release 3rd February 2022

Interactive Dashboard with Children's Covid-19 Data

By Antonio Caramia

Click image to enter site

Image dated 6th January 2022.

857 Child Covid Hospital Admissions in the Past 7 Days

When community COVID-19 transmission is high:

Education disruption occurs;

Child Covid hospital admissions rise;

The number of children suffering Long Covid/chronic illness increases;

More children die


Our Charity Provides Facts

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Data Analysis, graphs and statistics


Collated and reported by Ellie Tigress

Contact Ellie @TigressEllie

Interactive dashboard and stats

By Antonio Caramia

Contact Antonio @Antonio_Caramia


Long Covid Kids & Friends is a UK based international charity (Charity Number: 1196170) supporting and advocating for families, children and young people living with Long Covid. Our story started with a short film on the long-lasting symptoms of Covid in children.

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