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LCK Support Services

Families using our support services have reported that connecting with other families sharing a similar experience to them has been “a lifeline”.

We recognise the challenges that families are facing. Our team are living them too.

Spring 2022, we launched two new free members services for families and children.

To help us adhere to our safeguarding policy our online support services require pre-registration.


Long Covid Kids have been connecting and supporting families, children and young people living with Long Covid since October 2020. Register now. To find our more about our support services please see our FAQs.


Facebook Group

Peer to peer support for families of children & young people living with Long Covid. 

Facebook account & membership consent required.


LCK Connected

Zoom Hangouts hosted by our team of volunteers for children and teenagers from 6 - 17 years, and the parents and caregivers who care for them. 

Site registration & consent required.



 'ChatBox' is an online forum that welcomes children and teenagers from age 8 - 17 years, and the parents and caregivers who care for them. Separate age-appropriate channels. Site registration and consent required.

International Facebook Support Groups

Long Covid is a global problem. We are pleased to have lead representatives in countries around the world offering support to members. Our main Facebook group is international and welcomes everyone.

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