Team Meeting

Meet The Team

Michael Rosen


Michael Rosen is one of Britain’s best loved writers and performance poets for children and adults and has personally been affected by Long Covid. He is currently Professor of Children’s Literature at Goldsmiths University, London and has taught on MA courses in universities since 1994. He was the Children’s Laureate from 2007-2009 and has published over 200 books for children and adults.

Sammie Mcfarland

CEO & Founder

Sammie Mcfarland is a Wellbeing Coach & Entrepreneur. 

She is a 'long hauler' and the visionary behind

Long Covid Kids.

A passionate advocate for proactive holistic health.

Her lived experience, determined-spirit, and attitude motivate her to be a  strong voice for children with Long Covid. She has a special interest in reducing the impact of chronic long-term health on children.

Frances Simpson


Frances Simpson is a lecturer in Psychology and Counselling at Coventry University (SC.) She is also a sufferer of Long Covid and a founder member of the campaign group LongCovidSOS.

Fran has a special interest in the neurological impact of COVID infection on children.  

She has two children with Long Covid  

Nathalie Pearson

Operations Manager

Nathalie Pearson joined Sammie and Fran shortly after Long Covid Kids came to be.  Dedicated to promotion of health and wellbeing, she has two Bachelor of Science degrees and a special interest in research. Nathalie has been a determined advocate for children, NHS and school staff since the pandemic began to unfold and has experienced personal loss during COVID-19 


Hannah Awesome

Support Group 

Hannah is a Community Fundraising Manager for a disaster and poverty relief charity, Tearfund.

A Long Covid warrior along with her family, she also runs her local community Covid Support Group. She is a strong believer in creating community and making positive change happen. 


Melissa Lynch


Melissa is from North Carolina, a CMA, RMA with 26 years experience., She has been leading 

paediatric advocacy 

 within the USA at state & federal level to give a voice to children with post viral conditions.   Melissa has 4 children, her 12 year old daughter has Post Acute Covid Syndrome & is the motivation behind Melissa's passion to see change within the education and healthcare.

Susie Goulding

LCK Canada

Susie runs Canada's largest Long Covid advocacy group.. 

Covid Long-Haulers Support Group Canada


Helen Goss

LCK Scotland

Helen lives in NE Scotland with her partner and 8 year old daughter who is suffering from Long Covid since the first wave.


She has a background in media planning and has undertaken various roles with the Pregnancy Sickness Support charity over the past 8 years.


Helen is keen to ensure that all families in the UK have appropriate access to paediatric Long Covid care.