Meet The Team

Sammie Mcfarland


Sammie Mcfarland is a Wellbeing Coach & Entrepreneur. 

She is a 'long hauler' and the visionary behind

Long Covid Kids.

A passionate advocate for proactive holistic health.

Her lived experience, determined-spirit, and attitude motivate her to be a  strong voice for children with Long Covid. She has a special interest in reducing the impact of chronic long-term health on children.

Frances Simpson

Co Founder

Frances Simpson is a lecturer in Psychology and Counselling at Coventry University (SC.) She is also a sufferer of Long Covid and a founder member of the campaign group LongCovidSOS.

Fran has a special interest in the neurological impact of COVID infection on children.  

She has two children. 

Hannah Awesome


Hannah Awesome is a Community Fundraising Manager for a disaster and poverty relief charity, Tearfund.

A Long Covid warrior along with her family. She also runs her local community Covid Support Group. A strong believer in creating community and making positive change happen. She wants to see kids with Long Covid being given the support  and recognition they deserve and schools being made safe.

Nathalie Pearson


Nathalie Pearson has two Batchelor of Science degrees and is dedicated to supporting health and wellbeing. She has a special interest in research and has been a passionate advocate for children, school and NHS staff since the pandemic began to unfold

Sammie, Fran and Hannah all have children who have Long Covid, testing was not available for them when they first became ill.