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Long Covid Kids Supporting Long Covid Awareness Day | 15th March 2023

We believe all children should be able to thrive and look forward to a positive future and that's why we have been supporting and advocating for families whose children are living with Long Covid and related illness since the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

When is the first International Long Covid Awareness Day?

We are proud to support the first International Long Covid Awareness Day on the 15th of March 2023 organised by Angela Laffin.

What are Long Covid Kids doing on Long Covid Awareness Day?

On Long Covid Awareness Day 2023, we are shining a light on some of the many children who motivate our volunteers and keep us accountable.

These brave, dedicated and inspirational members support our work and together we advocate for children living with Long Covid and related illnesses.

Check out our short film, images and quotes across all our social media platforms throughout the day. Twitter, FaceBook, TikTok and Instagram.

Don't forget to join in the conversation, we really want to hear about your experiences.

Download the video to share here.

To raise awareness we have created a number of downloadable Long Covid Awareness Day resources in different shapes and sizes which are free to use.

Simply right-click on the image and save.

Please use them on your social media channels to help raise awareness of Long Covid in children and young people.

You are welcome to encourage your friends and families to use our Long Covid Awareness Day materials too. Your support is appreciated.

The three colours in the ribbon represent the

past, present and future of Long Covid.

Grey: loss and grief

Teal: hope and support

Black: loneliness and isolation

Over the last three years, we have shared case studies, symptoms images and helped families and young people living with Long Covid, across the world, to share their experiences of this emerging complex health condition.

At the heart of all our work has been our Support Service and the creation of supportive resources: the award-winning Support Guide, Cautious Tortoise Infographic, Pacing Penguins Poster and Twinkl resources.

We have shared the voices of these resilient young people in webinars and meetings with policymakers and governments since 2020.

Our team have worked tirelessly on research, articles and publications that include; Future Medicine, Science, The Lancet, Nature Medicine, British Journal of Child Health, WHO and many others. Learn more about our Impact here, and read more about LCK in the News and media articles here.


Our vision is to achieve recognition, support and recovery for Long Covid and related illnesses in children and young people. We are working to increase understanding, aid early diagnosis and improve response and intervention for children and young people.

Key aims include:

  • International recognition of Long Covid in children and young people.

  • Prevention of SARS-CoV-2 infection, COVID-19 infection/reinfection and Long Covid by reducing transmission through improved indoor air quality.

  • Funding, investment and commitment for biomedical Paediatric Long Covid research to identify the underlying pathology and possible treatment options.

  • Promoting children's right to the best healthcare and education possible by sharing best practices.


Long Covid Kids is the leading organisation advocating for all children and young people with Long Covid. We need funds to sustain our vital work to:

  • Raise awareness and increase understanding of Long Covid with policymakers, medical practitioners and schools

  • Fund research to provide treatment options for children

  • Provide vital support services for affected families

  • Take action such as campaigning for clean air. By introducing air filtration in schools we can reduce the risk of infection/reinfections and turn off the tap of Long Covid

All children deserve a bright future. As a volunteer-led charity, every penny really counts. Please donate today.

For fundraising, sponsorship and donation enquiries, please contact Sarah Craner, LCK Fundraising Lead at

Thank you to everyone for your support by taking part in Long Covid Awareness Day!



In 2021 Long Covid Kids became the first UK-based, international registered charity advocating for families, children and young people living with Long Covid.

The charity focuses on recognition, support and recovery, has already received recognition from the NHS and the Centre for Disease Control in the USA, and is a recommended resource in the NICE Long Covid guidelines.

Our Mission


  • We believe all children should be able to thrive and look forward to a positive future. That is why we represent and support children and young people living with Long Covid and related illnesses and the parents and caregivers that look after them.

Our Vision

  • To achieve recognition, support and recovery for Long Covid and related illnesses in children and young people

Support Our Work

While children are living with life-changing symptoms and families struggle to seek support, we need to be here. Your donation will be used directly to support families living with Long Covid. Find out more about our Impact.




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