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Long Covid Kids Educational Toolkit: A Training Video Series for Educators

When we asked children and young people (CYP) how we could improve things for them, they asked us to make sure their teachers knew about Long Covid and how best to support them. The LCK Educational Toolkit video series and handbook will increase awareness and understanding of Long Covid in children, and provide guidance for teaching and support staff across all age sectors to support CYP with Long Covid.

Long Covid Kids. LCK Educational Toolkit Video Series. Dr Sue Peters

We extend our gratitude to the children and families who shared their experiences and the expert panel involved in reviewing the training, including:

Professor Mark Faghy: University of Derby

Sharon White OBE: SAPHNA

Steve Lowe: Headteacher, Hospital School Sector

Sharrie Humpreys: EYFS/ Primary Phase Teacher

Jacob Alexander: Secondary Phase Teacher

Sarah Priest: Post-16 and Functional Skills Teacher

Jo Chambers: Teacher and SEN Advisor

Alison Thomson: Teaching Assistant

We had the pleasure of working with H. Webster Designs to produce this animation project and would like to extend our gratitude for her empathy throughout.


Long Covid Kids. Thank you. LCK Educational Toolkit. Dr Sue Peters

The Long Covid Kids toolkit comprises a series of four training videos and an accompanying handbook produced to raise awareness and understanding of Long Covid among educators as well as provide educators with supportive strategies to help learners living with Long Covid.


Long Covid Kids Logo. LCK Educational Toolkit. Dr Sue Peters

The first video in the toolkit series aims to raise awareness of Long Covid and highlights some of the challenges children, young people, and their families face in accessing healthcare and education support. It highlights that:

  • Long Covid is an umbrella term to describe the ongoing symptoms of COVID-19 for weeks, months, or even years following the initial infection

  • The symptoms can vary widely and affect every system within the body

  • Symptoms can also fluctuate and be episodic, relapsing and remitting

  • Families report many challenges in accessing timely support and getting a diagnosis

  • Living with Long Covid can make attending school and accessing an education difficult too

By enhancing their awareness and understanding of Long Covid, educators can recognise Long Covid and signpost to appropriate support. Additionally, they can provide individual & flexible support strategies so that children are included, access their education, reach their educational potential, and achieve the best possible recovery outcomes.

Long Covid Kids logo. LCK Educational Toolkit. Dr Sue Peters

The second video considers how educators can support the health of CYP living with Long Covid and their return to education and school life and considers the alternatives for those who need additional support.

Long Covid Kids. School. Dr Sue Peters.  LCK Educational Toolkit

Long Covid can impact all aspects of life for a CYP, including their health, attendance, inclusion & friendships. Likewise, it can have a significant impact on the whole family. The third video in the LCK Educational Tool Kit series refers to evidence-based findings from research developed in partnership with The University of Derby.

Long Covid Kids logo. LCK Educational Toolkit. Dr Sue Peters

The fourth training video in the series supports educators in identifying and meeting the individual child’s needs, putting support strategies into place, and adapting this support as and when needed.

It goes through some practical strategies and suggestions to support children and young people living with Long Covid with their learning whether that be in the classroom, learning from home, or in an alternative setting.

Long Covid Kids Logo. LCK Educational Toolkit. Dr Sue Peters

Coming Soon... Long Covid and Me

A fifth video created by children and young people with Long Covid for use with classmates and peers entitled 'Long Covid & Me' is in development and will follow subject to fundraising.

Coming Soon... Translations and International Focus

The videos produced contain widely applicable information and content although they have been written with a UK focus. Subject to further funding, we will work to provide translations into other languages, subtitling, and information sheets more relevant to different countries. If you can help us to better understand the educational context in your country please do contact us at

Long Covid Kids Logo. LCK Educational Toolkit. Dr Sue Peters


Resources and support materials for education professionals and school staff can be found on the Long Covid Kids website:

Blog written by:

Long Covid Kids: Dr Sue Peters, Educational Psychologist

LCK Education Team Lead and Educational Psychologist

9th October 2023


Support Our Work

While children are living with life-changing symptoms and families struggle to seek appropriate support, we need to be here.

Your donation will be used directly to support families living with Long Covid and related illnesses.

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