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Long Covid Kids Support Services -Introductions

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

As Long Covid Kids grows, we thought that it is important to bring our Team into the spotlight so that you, our audience, know who we are, what we've achieved and what we continue to do for those affected by Covid-19.

Name the Team that you lead and how long you have been part of Long Covid Kids

My name is Sarah Priest, I am the Support Services Lead and Lead Moderator for the LCK Connected sessions.

I have been in this role since late 2021, and have helped get the sessions up and running. We have overcome the obstacles of limited resources and are proud to have regular attendees join us for the 6-11 and 12 –14 sessions.

We aim to make the sessions fun and an opportunity for children and young people to relax and socialise with their peers. They are run by a group of experienced volunteers, most of whom have a background in health, education or social care. The team take the same sessions each week where possible so that they can build up a relationship with the young people attending.

After a quick check-in, the sessions are filled with fun and laughter. Quizzes are popular and we see the competitive side of the children and young people (and the moderators!) come out. All of the moderators live with Long Covid or have family members that do. Many of the young people attending tell us that they feel happier knowing that .

The sessions are fully adaptable and we are happy for attendees to sit with their cameras off and join in or just sit and listen until they feel confident enough to participate. If they wish to leave after 10 or 15 minutes that is fine too.

What have you been up to in the Support Services?

The parent and caregiver sessions are an opportunity for parents to meet and talk with other parents and caregivers; discuss issues relating to Long Covid; obtain support or support parents in the same situation. In September 2022, these sessions are going to be more focused. We plan to use the experience and assistance of the education and health teams in these sessions to allow parents to gain advice and support on more specific themes.

We also have some themed sessions in the pipeline, which will be based on specific themes and open to all age groups, so watch our social media, newsletters and website for the advertising! Harry Potter was very popular last term so that will probably feature again.

Everyone who has attended the sessions has found them useful. The children and young people look forward to their weekly sessions and a break away from the isolation of living with debilitating Long Covid symptoms.

To sign up for the sessions simply register on the website, fill in the form (do check your spam file) and then you will be able to book weekly sessions via the website.

What have you achieved?

As well as above, I am responsible for our pilot scheme arranging regional meet-ups for families with children living with Long Covid. We will welcome families living with all post viral illness including; ME/CFS, PANS, POTS, and PANDAS. These meet-ups will provide an opportunity for families to connect in their local area and have a chat with others who are going through similar things.

The main focus is to connect in person with others in the same situation and to build friendships and a local support network. The sessions are also an opportunity to share information through posters, leaflets and our Support Guide.

The idea was largely inspired by the friendships built by the children representing LCK in London on 1st April, and friendships made through the group. The children have benefitted so much from meeting peers in the same situation as them as did the parents.

The regional meet-ups will be advertised in our support services and in the newsletter so keep an eye out for them. We aspire to have meet-ups in every area eventually, so they will be available to everyone. LCK is a volunteer led organisation and we rely on volunteers coming forward to help. At the moment we have 5 areas covered, but are really excited about building on these as the meetings become more established.

What are your plans for the Support Services in the future?

I am excited about where these projects will go in the next 6 months as we continue to learn from the families we support. We are evaluating and adjusting them regularly, so they may look completely different by the end of 2022.

We are always led by what the children and young people would like to see in the sessions so they can get the most from them and always welcome feedback and comments. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.



Find out more about our visit to No 10 Downing Street on 1st April 2022 to launch the new Long Covid Kids' Support Guide.



In 2021 Long Covid Kids became the first UK-based, international registered charity advocating for families, children and young people living with Long Covid.

The charity focuses on the recognition, support and recovery, has already received recognition from the NHS and the Centre for Disease Control in the USA, and is a recommended resource in the NICE Long Covid guidelines.

Our Mission


  • We believe all children should be able to thrive and look forward to a positive future. That is why we represent and support children and young people living with Long Covid and related illnesses and the parents and caregivers that look after them.

Our Vision

  • To achieve recognition, support and recovery for Long Covid and related illnesses in children and young people

Support Our Work

While children are living with life-changing symptoms and families struggle to seek support, we need to be here. Your donation will be used directly to support families living with Long Covid. Find out more about our Impact.




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