Children may transmit coronavirus this Christmas

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Coronavirus is the gift that keeps on giving, parents from the Long Covid Kids support group want other parents to have more information so that they can make informed choices this Christmas.

An article published by says;

"We’ve known for a while that around the same amount of viral genetic material can be found in the nose and throat of both children and adults.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean children will transmit the same way adults do. Because children have a smaller lung capacity and are less likely to have symptoms, they might release less virus into the environment.

However, a new study conducted by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found children and adults were similarly likely to transmit the virus to their household contacts.

Another study, of more than 84,000 cases and their close contacts, in India found children and young adults were especially likely to transmit the virus."

"Researchers used an antibody test (which can detect if a person had the virus previously and recovered) to screen a representative sample of nearly 12,000 children from the general population in Germany. They found the majority of cases in children had been missed. In itself, that’s not surprising, because many cases in adults are missed, too.

Long Covid Kids parents have been raising awareness that children are conduits of transmission as part of their campaign.

Following recent news from the UK goverment about changes to lockdown rules this Christmas, Long Covid Kids support group feel parents need more information so that they can make informed choices on what they really want for Christmas in 2020.

Nobody wants Long Covid for Christmas. shared this information which further fuels the debate on making schools safe. Further thought is needed for January.

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Read the full article on is a parent and patient-led campaign & support group for parents of children with Long Covid. Our story started with a short film on long-lasting symptoms of Covid in children & we are working on

The Long Covid Kids Study with PeopleWith

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