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Meredith Leston


Meredith, an acclaimed public health and social impact professional, addresses global health challenges and uplifts patient outcomes in the UK and abroad. With expertise in designing, implementing and scaling public health interventions, she excels in policy development, data analytics, and impact assessments.

A Progress Fellow at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change and a Community Scholar at the Alan Turing Institute, Meredith is also an MRC iCASE Student at the University of Oxford, pursuing a Doctorate in Primary Care.

Meredith is deeply committed to the power of community building and co-created public policy to remedy social injustices; she loves keeping on top of the efforts of those she admires as they innovate in these remits.

Meredith has been managing her Long COVID for over 3 years. As a public health consultant, Meredith has since worked on Long COVID commissioning and awareness raising more generally across primary, secondary, and ministerial health settings.

Meredith's commitment extends to Long COVID Kids, where she ensures no child is left behind post-pandemic. Initially raising £2,000 through the Three Peaks Challenge, she now serves as a Trustee, lending her advocacy and policymaking expertise for strategic decisions and political initiatives.

Meredith Leston
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