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Susie Goulding

Representative for Canada

Susie Goulding from Ontario, Canada, became a Long Hauler after contracting Covid-19 in March of 2020.

Realising there was a lack of information available to Covid-19 survivors and a need for a non judgmental and safe online platform for Long Haulers to congregate and connect for support she founded the Covid Long-Haulers Support Group Canada.

Her advocacy work, research involvement and media presence Provincially and Nationally has connected her Internationally with other groups and organisations such as ours, Long Covid

Susie joined our team as Canada's Lead Representative of Long Covid Kids to collaborate her efforts in helping families find support and resources within Canada and abroad.

"The support for children should be recognised, prioritised and expedited as a global initiative to find solutions to a growing health crisis with long lasting societal impacts on many levels.

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