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Long Covid Kids are calling for all counrties to get involved in their campaign to raise awareness of the prevalence of Long Covid in children. Long Covid affects children around the world and yet it still isn’t accepted or counted. Children around the world can come together in support and solidarity with each other.


Simply create a colourful symptom sign and add the following information:




Today’s Date

Date of Covid infection 




Make it as unique as your child, by using toys, sports equipment, musical instruments or anything else! Ideally photograph your child holding the picture, feel free to hide their face, or prop it beside a pet or toy if you would prefer to. 


Email it to

By sending it to us, you give us your consent for the image to be used on social media, and throughout our campaign work to raise awareness and advocate for children. 

Children can present with a wide variety of symptoms that may come and go. 

See the Symptoms Gallery for further info.