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Dr. Nisreen Alwan MBE

Dr Alwan is also an Honorary Consultant in Public Health at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust. She has a particular interest in the area of maternal and child health. She attempts to address research questions around how to optimise the health and wellbeing of women before and during pregnancy leading to better long-term health for them and their children.

Her vision is to contribute knowledge towards a healthier and happier mother and child journey throughout the world.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr Alwan has contributed to the public health response by coordinating and leading several collective outputs from senior UK public health academics, and more recently by focusing on the recognition and the quantification of morbidity from COVID19, having initiated the call to Count ‘Long COVID’. She was awarded an MBE for services to Medicine and Public Health during the COVID19 pandemic in the Queen’s New Year Honours 2021. She was also named amongst other inspiring and influential women from around the world in the BBC 100 Women 2020 list.

Dr Alwan on her support for Long Covid Kids:

"I have been continually impressed by the tireless advocacy of LCK and the obvious impact they are making to bring the chronic health effects of SARSCoV2 on some children’s health to the forefront of the public conversation. It is such a difficult task to talk about what few people with public platforms want to talk about but it is a necessity and LCK have risen up to the challenge. Their public health messaging on reducing the risk of infection in shared educational and childcare settings has been persistent and admirable. I share LCK’s vision of recognition, support and recovery and proud to be a Champion for it".

Dr. Nisreen Alwan MBE

Associate Professor in Public Health.

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