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Full Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding Children and Young People


LCK Connected and ChatBox are online resources for children and young people with Long Covid to socialise safely online with your peers. We want these sessions to a safe, relaxed space where you can communicate with your peers, make friends and be with people who understand what Long Covid is like.

Moderators are available to help everything run smoothly. There is usually at least one adult or teen in moderator available. 

Should you have any problems during the session you can speak to a trusted adult at home and contact a moderator. If you cant speak to them please email, or ask a parent or guardian to email, Sarah the Senior Moderator, on so that she can help resolve the issue for you. We do not want you worrying or upset about things that have happened in the session.

To ensure that these sessions remain a safe place you, Long Covid Kids expects the following from all their participants.

  1. Be kind, respect the experiences of others

  2. Disagreeing with other participants is natural, we cant always agree, but different opinions shall be respected. We are all allowed to have different opinions.

  3. In Zoom Hang Outs all participants shall take turns to speak, no talking over each other. If necessary use the “raise hand” button to make the moderators aware that you wish to speak.

  4. Individual messages should not be sent, all communication needs to be through the main chat so it can be monitored for your safety.

  5. No one should be made to feel inferior to others due to their gender, race and beliefs.

  6. Conversations should not be offensive, rude or mean to other members of the group or people in general. A warning will be given to you by the moderators if you are offensive towards others. If you continue this behaviour after a warning you will be removed from the session and your parents contacted to explain why. 

  7. Taking screenshots and photos during the session is not allowed and there should be no situation where this is required.

  8. Sharing of your personal details – emails, phone numbers, gaming tags, address – is not allowed for your safety. If you wish to share your details please ask your parent or guardian to email and we will exchange details for you.

  9. Long Covid Kids has a responsibility for your safety. Any concerns that are raised while using our services, or afterwards, will be looked into thoroughly and referred on to the appropriate people where necessary. 

Safeguarding Parents / Caregivers

LCK Connected and ChatBox are online resources for children, young people, parents & caregivers living with Long Covid.


Support services are not intended to constitute or deliver medical advice or to diagnose, treat or cure Long Covid.

Participants are encouraged to share if they feel comfortable, but there is no pressure to do so.

Long Covid Kids take their responsibility for safeguarding all participants seriously and has procedures to follow to ensure any issue raised is dealt with effectively and swiftly. A full copy of the Safeguarding Policy can be found at the top of this page. 

Long Covid Kids has a duty to report all safeguarding concerns to the relevant parties. Depending on the nature of the concern, the parents/carers of the young person involved may not be notified.

We aim to have at least one Moderator in the online support room at any time but as a volunteer led service this may not always be possible. The role of the Moderator is to ensure the rules for participation are understood and adhered to by all participants, and that the support group is a safe place for all users. Moderators are not necessarily qualified in a medical or educational capacity, and will not provide any medical advice.

In the LCK Connected sessions it is the responsibility of every adult to ensure the participants are safe. Should any parent have any concerns they should immediately raise it with the moderator taking the session.  Should you need have any ongoing concerns you can email Sarah, the Senior Moderator on as soon as is reasonably possible.

Parents attending the sessions with their young person are responsible for ensuring that their child behaviours accordingly.  The Safeguarding Children and Young People policy that lays out the rules and expectations for those taking part in the sessions can be found at the top of this page. Please take time to go through these with your young person and ensure that they understand.

Should any adult or young person behave in a way that can be perceived as threatening, inappropriate or offensive, the moderators in the session will issue a warning. Should this behaviour continue they will be removed from the session and an email sent explaining why.

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