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What Is Long Covid

If  you are reading this page, it is probably because you, or someone you know, has ongoing symptoms from

COVID-19, or has been diagnosed with Long Covid. You are not alone.


Who gets long covid?

Children and grown-ups can experience long-lasting symptoms and, because Long Covid is new, we don’t know why some children experience symptoms that seem to go on and on, and why others don’t.


This is one of the things doctors and scientists are working on right now.


what is long covid?

Long Covid is the name for the symptoms that carry on for more than four weeks after someone gets COVID-19. It is a descriptive title given by the people who are living with Long Covid to help explain the difference between initial COVID-19 symptoms and ongoing symptoms.

Some people call it Post  Acute Covid Syndrome or PACS for short.


do kids get better?

Most children do recover well from initial COVID-19 infection.

Doctors may tell us that most children recover well from Long Covid after about 3-6 months.

Some children have different experiences and can be ill for much longer.

There are lots of ways to manage symptoms, and some symptoms can be treated. Please seek advice from your doctor.

Michael Rosen 

Michael Rosen is one of Britain’s best-loved writers and performance poets for children and adults and has personally been affected by Long Covid. He is our patron, which means he supports our charity.

"Long Covid exists. Some people are lucky: they got Covid
or they will get Covid and there are no long-term effects.
For others, it can be mild, quite serious or very serious. It can be not very long, quite long, very long or forever. I’m someone who has two effects which are forever:"



Listen to Michael read from his book about his recovery.

With the support of those around him, and his trusty walking stick, Sticky McStickstick, Michael Rosen Learns to walk again.

"There are people who want to help. “What is the bravest thing you’ve ever said” asked the boy, “Help” said the horse.” Charlie Mackesy"

'ChatBox' provides a way for kids living with Long Covid to connect. There are different channels for different age groups age 8 - 17 years, as well as channels for parents and caregivers.

If you are 15 years old or older you can register yourself. If you are under 15 years old you will need to ask your parent / caregiver to fill in the registration form.

Long Covid Kids ChatBox Support for kids with Long Covid

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