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Long Covid Kids Symptom Galerie


On top of the many issues schools have faced during the pandemic, increasing numbers of children with Long Covid will mean significant new challenges for school staff. Children, young people and their families look to schools for support to manage the wide-ranging impacts on their lives and to help them access their education. They need school staff to believe them, and provide signposting and may need flexible and hybrid learning options that support their wellbeing. Long Covid Kids provide resources and information to support educational staff. 


Support For Schools

This leaflet is free to download and provides bite size essential information for schools

  • What is Long Covid? 

  • The size of the problem

  • What staff need to know

  • What children want their teacher to know

  • What parents want their teacher to know

  • Health effects of indoor air on children and young people

  • Air cleaning solution

  • Resources and support

Long Covid Kids Twinkl Resources 
Clean Air

Recognising the importance of in-person learning, Long Covid Kids began campaigning for improved indoor air quality for schools in the autumn term of 2020.

CO2 Monitors In Schools
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