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Larisa Hockey

Representative For New Zealand

Larisa lives in beautiful Gisborne, New Zealand with her husband, three teenagers, several horses, and numerous other fur babies. Prior to getting Long Covid she enjoyed travelling with her family, horse riding, singing, and homeschooling her kids. Now Larisa and her three teens are living with Long Covid and life has changed dramatically.

Despite remaining unwell with Long Covid, Larisa is passionate about raising awareness of Long Covid, particularly now as Omicron sweeps through New Zealand.

“I’m looking forward to working with the Long Covid Kids team to help support whanau (family) in New Zealand living with Long Covid. Unfortunately, we are on a long journey, but it can be easier when we do it in the community. It’s important to advocate for resources and research, and also to maintain hope, and remain patient while we wait for research to find the answers.”

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