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Dr. Susannah Thompson

Dr Thompson is a Medical Director GP in Primary and Urgent Care and a mum of two. She enjoyed cold water swimming and life and is now adjusting to living with Long Covid. Susannah contracted COVID in April 2020 at a time when she was working in a site treating COVID positive patients. She initially slowly recovered but was not able to return to hospital practice. Dr Thompson managed short shifts in the Community COVID Hub and was involved in the vaccination campaign before a number of relapses led to the diagnosis of Long Covid, and the use of a wheelchair.

As well as being a GP for the last 14 years Susannah has a passion for teaching and learning. She has taught at Newcastle Medical School engaging with students about family life and how to understand the patient view.

For the last 15 years has been a volunteer resuscitation council instructor, teaching life support in hospitals, basic life support and first aid in her local community, schools and Brownies.

Now championing the patient voice, Susannah is using her experience to raise awareness of Long Covid.

Dr. Susannah Thompson

Dr Thompson is a Medical Director GP with a passion for teaching and learning

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