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Helen Goss

COO & Scotland Representative (on sabbatical)

Helen graduated from Edinburgh University in 2006 with a MA(Hons) in business and has since worked in Edinburgh, London and Melbourne. She has extensive experience in media planning/buying and sponsorship with clients that include Taylor Wimpey, Cancer Research UK and and went on to run a successful business until the birth of her daughter Anna in 2012.

Helen has a solid 8 year track record in the third sector working with 'Pregnancy Sickness Support' providing 1:1 peer support to women suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

In 2020, Helen’s daughter Anna, now age 10, developed Long Covid with PANS. Helen joined the Long Covid Kids team in 2021, stepping naturally into the role of COO in 2022; leading the charity's Scottish registration. They have been instrumental in raising awareness of Long Covid in children in Scotland.

In 2023 Helen became LCK's core participant in the upcoming Scottish Covid Inquiry. Her commitment to ensuring that all families have appropriate access to paediatric Long Covid care and support has been recognised by Scotland's First minister.

Helen and the LCK team produced the award-winning resource ‘Shining A Light On Long Covid In Children And Young People,’ a free digital resource to raise awareness and improve the lives of families, children and young people living with Long Covid.

Helen Goss
on sabbatical
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