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Clare Rayner

Clare is a consultant physician in Occupational Medicine in England and worked across many sectors including transport, manufacturing, health, metals, chemical, construction, service and utilities. She is also an educator (Trainer for the National Education Project for Health and Work; Honorary Lecturer at the Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health, University of Manchester) and a communication skills trainer for 27 years.

She is clinically extremely vulnerable and developed Long Covid. With patient support groups, she has advocated for appropriate assessment and treatment of Long Covid and in August 2020 on their behalf, she addressed the WHO, explaining the effects of Long Covid. She has since been collaborating with the department of Rehabilitation Innovation at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, and with UK doctors published a consensus document on management of Long Covid. She is currently a member of the WHO guideline development Group for Rehabilitation after Covid. With Long Covid Support Employment Group, she advocates for fair employment practice for people with LC as she is passionate about the importance of work in people’s lives and that they should not be made ill by their work.

She believes in social justice and fairness to the individual and that we have to protect our children from known hazards to health.

Clare Rayner: "I want to raise awareness of the health problems suffered by so many children due to Covid. I will continue to stand up for the support and treatment that they and their families deserve to try and alleviate their suffering. I will continue to advocate for preventative measures against damaging SARS2 infections in our young people, including preventing reinfections in those who are already ill. LCK provides information, support and voice to children and families whose lives are significantly affected by this awful virus".

Clare Rayner

Clare is a consultant physician in Occupational Medicine, an educator, Honorary Lecturer and artist.

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