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The Long Covid Support group has over 32,000 adults and started in early 2020.  Long Covid Kids started in October 2020, and represents over 2100 children.


Our children need the same support and protection as the adults, but our voice is much smaller, and we need support to be heard. 

We must control the spread of the highly contagious new variants of COVID-19 and reduce the burden on the young, vulnerable and our carers. 

Our Petition Asks

Promptly create an awareness campaign detailing the effects of COVID-19 on children.

Create a clear campaign that informs parents of the COVID symptoms children present with. This should include the criteria for a child to get a test and the long-lasting effects Covid can have on children.


We Wanted Our Petition To Say

Remove barriers to children accessing a free test by changing the wording on the government website to reflect the symptoms children present with.

But for it to be approved for publication we had to change the wording.

About Us

Long Covid Kids Support & Campaign Group started in the autumn & represents over 400 children.

Our children got COVID-19 in Lockdown 1/2 & are still ill.

We receive emails from parents who tell us that by the time they realised their child needed a test it was 'too late for testing' andthey didn't 'know what to look for'.

This Is Important

These children are not included in the statistics.

Children must be counted so informed decisions can be made in education and healthcare.

Children may also need Long Covid services and without being counted how can we evidence that?

In  2020 the government passed a law to force schools to stay open even in areas where high infections despite clear scientific evidence indicating schools should close. 

30th December  Gavin Willaimson makes a U-turn and announced some schools will remain closed till 18th January.

This will not be enough to control the spread.


The UK government has never hi-lighted the first symptoms children present with following COVID-19 infection. 

The language used on the  NHS and GOV COVID websites precludes children as most children will not meet the criteria stated. This reduces the number of children getting tested and impacts the statistics and how decisions are made.

There are no current plans to vaccinate children, and the vaccines are not currently thought to reduce transmission.

The long-term effects of COVID-19 are not understood and need research will take time.

Children in our peer-to-peer support group have not got better since March.