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Our Manifesto 

3 Aims

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21st Dec Launched a Petition 

10th Dec Presented at ISIRC Long Covid Global Forum

2nd Dec. Nutritional Intervention in Long Covid Event 

20th Nov Coverage on Channel 5 News

18th Dec Launched The Long Covid Kids Study

17th Nov Coverage on BBC National News

30th Oct Released our short film

Ongoing - discussions with education on attendance coding for children with Long Covid , and a suitable phased return to school policy. Noted as interested parties on a number of research bids.  

 Raise awareness that children transmit the virus and get the virus, including Long Covid.

Despite conflicting information that has often suggested that children do not transmit C-19 and do not experience symptoms, we want it known that they are conduits for transmission and can also have both symptomatic Covid-19 and develop long covid.

This was accepted in Dec 2020

Support the medical community in researching and treating long covid in children.

We would like to see a focus on children with Long Covid, as they have been missing from the developing narrative throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.

Knowledge of this condition must be shared with both primary and secondary care practitioners, and the new NHS Long Covid clinics must provide paediatric services.

Research needs to be carried out to establish the features of the paediatric version of long covid as well as the likelihood that this may take place in the absence of symptoms at the acute stage.

Ensure schools are safe for children, their families and teachers.

Parents should have a choice over sending children during the pandemic and each school should be risk assessed and supported in implementing changes in line with a scientific understanding of aerosol transmission.

This includes a reduction in numbers, part-time hours with blended learning, ventilation and mask-wearing for all staff and students.