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Colin Pidgeon

Representative Northern Ireland

Colin blew in to Northern Ireland in 1999, before marrying his wife Cathy the following year. He is passionate about helping those who need a hand.

In 2006, a few days before his eldest daughter's 1st birthday, his second daughter Daisy was was stillborn. For several years Cathy and he ran the Belfast branch of Sands, the stillbirth and neonatal death charity. Colin was also a trustee.

Rosie, Daisy's big sister came I to contact with Covid-19 at the start of September 2021 and has suffered ever since. Seeing quickly how poor provision was for this chronically unwell young woman, Colin decided he had to try and help by trying to raise awareness and to see if together they could kickstart some action.

It remains a work in progress. He recently told Rosie she was going to have to push to get the support she needs. And he and Cathy and the whole LCK family will be pushing there with her.

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