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Sammie McFarland

CEO & Founder (on sabbatical)

Sammie started her career in early years education before becoming an independent maternity nurse and breastfeeding consultant working with high-level private clients in the home counties.
Sammie's career then took a new direction and she built her own business, specialising in women's health. She is an accomplished, award-winning health and well-being coach; sports massage therapist and bodyworker.

In 2019 she was awarded Women's Wellbeing Coach of the Year and received the Dorset Successful Women in Business award.
Sammie and her daughter developed debilitating Long Covid in 2020. Determined to play a part in improving health and learning outcomes for her daughter, children and young people, Sammie launched Long Covid Kids.

In 2021 Long Covid Kids became the first UK-based, international charity for children living with the ongoing symptoms of COVID-19 infection, Long Covid. The charity calls for recognition, support and recovery for children and young people living with Long Covid.

Sammie initiated early paediatric patient-led research and provided a platform for immediate support for families. Sammie and the LCK team produced the award-winning resource ‘Shining A Light On Long Covid In Children And Young People, a free digital resource to raise awareness and improve the lives of families, children and young people living with Long Covid.

Throughout the pandemic, Sammie has provided key organisations, policymakers and parliamentarians with an emerging overview of paediatric lived experience. She is a member of international, and national expert panels and advisory groups, participating in the co-production of research and has authored several professional publications on Long Covid in children.

“My daughter, and all children, deserve the opportunity to thrive and look forward to a positive future. LCK wasn't a choice, it was a necessity. I am committed to improving outcomes for children impacted by COVID-19 infection.”

Sammie McFarland
on sabbatical
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